Ensuring the safety of your passengers is vital for anyone. Modern family cars have more safety features than before. People who buy used cars in raleigh consider the following safety features.


It is vital to have airbags that will deploy in a crash and protect the driver and passengers. The passengers will not hit the steering wheel, dashboard, and sides of the car. Although airbags are great as a safety feature, these can also be a cause for concern. They can be dangerous, too. Make sure there is a control that will let you turn off the airbags when you place your kid in the front seat.

Anti-lock brakes

The wheels can lock when you hit the brakes fast. Locked wheels cause the car to spin out on a slippery road. It will be impossible to steer a car skidding that way. An anti-lock brakes system uses sensors on each wheel. It pulses the braking system to each wheel during hard brakes to prevent locking the wheels. This safety feature keeps you in control.

Adaptive headlights

Headlights are important especially when it becomes dark. This system uses sensors to check the car’s elevation. It then uses the results to illuminate the road and reduce glare for oncoming drivers. Adaptive headlights improve visibility and make the car easier for other drivers to see.

Electronic stability control

This system uses sensors to prevent sliding or skidding. The sensors detect things such as wheel speed, sideways motion, and the steering angle. The system applies brakes to one or more of the wheels when the car moves out of the driver’s intended path. It helps regain stability.


Traction control

This electronic control system limits how much the wheels can spin when the car speeds up. The wheels will have maximum traction even in wet or slippery conditions. This system usually goes with the anti-lock brake system. It puts the brakes on when a wheel starts to spin too fast, routing power to the opposite wheel to prevent skidding.

Reversing camera

Some cars now come with 360-degree cameras. Several cameras give you a clear representation of the area around your car. There is nothing better than seeing what is behind you.


It helps with both parallel and perp parking. You can activate auto-parking systems by pressing a button. It will sense when there is enough space for your car. It will then ask you to stop and put the car in reverse. The system will take care of the steering while you operate the accelerator and the brake.

Blind-spot assist

It is useful when you are in the center lane and want to change to the outside lane but cannot see anything. A sound will beep or light will appear on your rear-vision mirrors if there is something, like a car, in your blind spot.

  • June 2, 2020