A Significant Reminder of Excellence

We do not expect or ask for us to be appreciated by the people around us in everything we do. It is because of our motivation out of love. We are just thinking and doing the needed things without expecting anything in return from other people. It is a great example of being someone motivated enough to do things without too much thinking of its result. As long as he knows he is doing his part, he is all done.

Today, it is also normal for us to want to be appreciated. It is a normal feeling for anyone. We are just human, and it is natural for us to be wanted and recognized. It is why many companies are providing ways for their employees to be always motivated at work. Because in the world of business, employees want to feel appreciated for their great work performance. On top of that, they expect more from their company as they do their part for its operation. It is the main reason companies are providing recognition and acknowledgment to those talents who have been performing more than expected to be at their work.

When you give an award to an employee, you recognize his talents and contributions to the company’s success. It is a reminder of the talent of his excellent work performance he gave to his assigned tasks. Here, the business’s management is already providing great motivation for the employee to continue doing what he is doing. Surely, the recognized talent will be more motivated than ever because he knew he was appreciated. Even if we don’t expect something great from what we are doing currently, we are still thinking at the back of our mind the importance of being appreciated. One of the great examples is the simple recognition we get from the management of the company we are working with.

Now, almost all businesses are already having annual awards to give trophies and awards for deserving people who go beyond the normal. This kind of appreciation will surely provide them with being more confident in sharing their skills and knowledge. The more they are being appreciated, the more they will excel. It just shows how appreciation is so powerful.

Written by Jenny

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