Meet Maxi: A conversation between Clinc and Isbank

We are not one of the American citizens who can speak or read Turkish. But now there is no fear- Isbank banking’s multi-lingual as well as highly conversational virtual assistant, Maxi is here.

Maxi is basically an American-born blanket blue-ish creature that resembles a character out of the beloved children’s film The Brave Little Toaster.

What is Clinc?

It is an AI, the Ann Arbor, MI-based conversational artificial intelligence research start-up, contains a team of scientific and also creative minds who developed and also gave voice to our Turkish speaking blue virtual assistant friend named Maxi. Since the time of its inception in a university of Michigan computer science classroom in the year 2015, Clinc has been a great leader as well as a pioneer in the research of conversational AI. The company’s research is basically designed to create ‘human-in-the-room’ virtual assistant technology such as Maxi. The company also deploys these AI virtual assistants into banking and also financial services companies, thus providing businesses all across the world along with the tools required to automate their self-service customer support systems.

The industry awards, as well as trusted publications such as Forbes Magazine, acknowledge Clinc as one of the world’s leading AI businesses. the company’s newly developed AI capabilities mainly focus on the processing of natural language so that it is able to understand anything that a human might say, recall all the information, and also quickly offer a candid and human-like response. Also further, the company’s advanced conversational AI technology can easily comprehend and accurately reply to almost every kind of unstructured, daily human speech pattern.

History of Turkey’s Isbank

Following the end of World War, I in the year 1918 and also the subsequent dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in the year 1922, Turkey was declared a republic, and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was elected by their parliament as the first president of their country, Turkey. Ataturk was very quick in realizing that the government required a national bank in the Turkish republic and was founded on 26 august 1924 at the First Economy Congress in Izmir.

Ataturk appointed Celal Bayar, who is his close aide and then the minister of Exchange Construction and Settlement as the president of the newly made bank. Isbank basically began operations with two of its branches and about 37 staff which is under the leadership of Celal Bayar who is its first general manager.

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