Intriguing Facts Of 1921 Silver Dollar

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The Morgan dollar was a silver dollar minted in the USA, being the years 1878-1904. Then It was again mounted lastly at 1921. It is named as Morgan dollar after the mint assistant engraver at the time, George Morgan. The coin has a portrait symbolizing liberty on one of the side and the other side; there is an eagle with wings outstretched. The coin is made up of 90% silver and 10% copper. The 1895 mintage if this series is the rarest of the collection. The 1921 silver dollar is unique as it was the last of the Morgan series and was last circulated. The 1921 dollar was minted in three places, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver.

1921 silver dollar worth

The 1921 dollar is known for its historical value and is valuable. There had been instances where the government has given out more price than its value compared with the market price of silver. The dollar has different values depending on the place of mintage and its quality. The dollar minted in Denver with very fine quality is worth $25, with supreme quality that is least circulated is worth $40. The uncirculated 1921 dollar minted in Denver ranges from $50 to $250 based on the mint state. The San Francisco minted dollar of circulated variants are worth $30 to $40, while the uncirculated variants are worth $50 to $575.

1921 silver dollar

Mintmark on 1921 Morgan dollar

The mint mark in the coin represents its state of origin. All the 1921 dollars other than the mintage from Philadelphia has their mintmark. The mint mark is located on the reverse side of the coin, below the eagle’s tail feathers. These mintmarks can verify the authenticity of the coins. There are professionals from whom you can get your coin checked to know if it is real or not. Some sites provide verified coins by professionals.


The silver Morgan dollars were produced mainly for supporting the mining industry and not intended for circulation. The Morgan dollar production was stopped during 1904, and the unused minting hubs were closed along. But after the first world war, the British needed more silver as they had overwritten the silver certificates to Indians than their reserve. But the US didn’t wish its coins to be melted and started restoring the production of Morgan coins, and thus 1921 silver dollar was produced.

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