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Sinclair Broadcast Group Seattle radio bunch news KOMO-AM/FM (1000/97.7), hot AC”Star 101.5″ KPLZ-FM and talk KVI are currently a part of this roll-out of its STIRR XT digital audio service using the ATSC 3.0-based digital TV transmission standard. Audio channels on Sinclair’s over-the-top online service STIRR XT are available for customers with a NextGen TV connected to the internet from December 2020. The audio channels comprise STIRR XT-branded channels Stingray Hits List, Stingray Hot Country and Stingray Latin Hits, Together with a dozen others.

The company’s broadcast radio channels will now be on NextGen TVs as part of STIRR XT. Based on Mark Aitken, Senior VP, Advanced Technology, for Sinclair and also President of ONE Media 3.0, the roll-out is much more than just another access point for listeners of the channels.”One reason we’re doing so is that the automotive guys always ask: ‘Is there an alternative to digital radio and into SiriusXM that can be delivered via the ATSC 3.0 standard? ”’ he tells TV Technology.

Business expects the ATSC

The business expects the ATSC 3.0 radio broadcasts will lure automakers to include 3.0 recipients in future versions. “We think there’s a real compelling reason to consider the addition of ATSC 3 recipients in cars,” Aitken says. “Once you’ve done that, all the other opportunities for what can be carried in that electronic spectrum open up.”The 3.0 radio simulcast, which can be slated to begin in mid-February, will only be accessible via NextGen TV sets. However, Sinclair is now developing its Mark One Smartphone built-in 3.0 receiver, TV Technology reports. The phones join other 3.0 consumer devices in evolution, which will extend the reception of OTA 3.0 digital sound to mobile devices.

“Sinclair Broadcast Group will be providing radio broadcast content–just delivered over a different spectrum,” Aitken describes. “It isn’t FM; it’s TV spectrum.”Sinclair is in discussions with other broadcasters about simulating their radio stations over the air via ATSC 3.0 with STIRR XT in other markets.


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