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Gardening is a favorite hobby for many people especially women. They love to explore many nurseries to buy different plants. Adding more plants in your garden enhances the beauty and it will give some pleasing nature. When you are looking in the morning all different kinds of plants and flowers gives you the wonderful feel and perfect start for the day. In this article, I will tell you about the gorgeous plants to add beauty to your home.

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Have you seen a poinsettia plant anywhere? Some may know about a plant some do not know about it. Really, this plant is more beautiful in nature and spreads love and fragrance around home.  If you do not have poinsettia in your garden, you should buy immediately. Other name of this plant is a Christmas star and it is popular during Christmas season. It does mean it blooms only during Christmas season it is available in all season. Only thing we have to give is proper care daily and it is super easy. We can have this plant both inside and outside of the home. Cut the stem often for the faster growth and the color of leaves varies like red, orange, pink, green or white. We can cultivate this by seedling method or the stem cutting method. In shops, you can buy the one, which is medium matured. It is not water loving plant so you can pour water when it is completely dried.

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