5 different types of paints used in art

Choosing the right paint can be quite overwhelming as you need to know which paint goes with which kind of painting. Get the right finish you want with the right kind of paint from your next project. The right paint helps to convert photo to a paint by number pattern. Some paints are durable changing the look of the art. Depending on the type of painting, choosing the right color is important for creating masterpieces. The different types of paint used are listed as under:

  1. Oil Based paints

Oil-based paints are durable adding a glossy touch to the painting. It gives a smooth and rich varnish having long-lasting effects and blending well with all other colors. The paint dries up quickly making it easy for the artists to use other paints on it gradually. Water mixable oil paint comes with an added emulsifier. This type of paint is water mixed and dilutes thinly when added with water.

  1. Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are so versatile great for more brushstrokes. It adds to the glazing, staining, and water media techniques. The paint is so light and smooth having excellent pigmentation and color strength along with durability. This paint is added to stable surfaces like watercolor paper or canvas. It comes in small tubes varying in viscosity.

  1. Gouache

It is a water-soluble and opaque painting color for not showing the white paper. It absorbs light and is a bit different from traditional watercolor. With the color diluting in water, it has a strong pigment. This paint dries darker and goes a long way. It takes a lot of time to dry making it workable for hours or days.

  1. Watercolor

To convert photo to paint by number pattern, watercolor is great as it is the translucent color typically like gum Arabic. The gum Arabic holds the colors together ensuring that it does not flake. The water has suspended pigment until the water dries and staining the surface. The paintbrushes work with fluidity and dry off quickly.

  1. Encaustic

Encaustic is a kind of wax-based paint with strong pigments. It has so added solvents for maintaining the moisture. It is durable and used on hard surfaces. Artists for using this first heats it up and begin working with the hot wax.

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