How tarot cards are working?

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When we tell someone that we are reading and teaching the Tarot cards for a living then the first question will anyone ask is what are tarot cards and how they work?

Now there are various answers to this question. The answer depends on who is asking and how they are personally connecting with the Tarot reading in Singapore. Tarot is a simple tool and like other tools, it all depends on you how you are using it. So below you will find our version of using the Tarot cards. This will help you in accessing the intuition and the power and wisdom of your inner source.

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards each having its symbolism, story, and imagery. Major 22 arcana cards will represent the spiritual and karmic lessons. And the Minor 56 arcana cards will reflect the tribulations and trials of our experience on a daily basis.

Within Minor Arcana cards, 16 tarot cards will represent the 16 different characteristics of personality which are required to choose for expressing gratitude at any given time. There are also 40 numbered cards which are also included in the minor arcana cards. They are organized in 4 suits and each of the 10 cards is representing various situations that we are encountering in our daily lives.

Tarot is like the storybook for our life and the mirror to our soul. It is also considered the key to our wisdom.

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