How to avoid stress

Stress can be either good or bad. It is the way your body reacts to challenges or demanding circumstances. It can either keep you motivated or leave you agitated, frustrated, tensed, and angry at people/situations. How can I know if I am stressed?

You are stressed when you are under a lot of pressure because of a drastic change over which you have no control, idle, overburdened with responsibilities, overly worried, or uncertain about something.

  1. Change in sleep pattern.
  2. Loss of memory and concentration
  3. Feeling confused, unmotivated, restless, angry, and irritated
  4. Overwhelmed with depression and anxiety

All the above signs are a cause for worry. They can push one to extremity such as addiction, or substance abuse, or suicide.

Officers of the National Police Association, whose work requires them to be alert at all times, cannot afford to be under stress. Their profession is very demanding. It would be impossible to perform well if they are not physically and mentally fit.

Here are some helpful stress management tips for you:

  • Exercise: It is the best way to combat stress. It not only strengthens bones and muscles but also keeps you in shape. Physical activities like walking, jogging, games, and yoga control the risk of heart diseases, maintain body weight, help manage blood sugar/insulin levels, and improve mental health by inducing undisturbed sleep.
  • Meditate: During meditation, the focus is on your breathing. It eliminates all stress-causing thoughts and leaves you calm and tranquil. It promotes an enhanced state of physical and emotional well-being as you become emotionally stronger. Spend a minimum of twenty minutes in meditation every day, and you can reap great benefits.
  • Organize: Being organized is all it takes to avoid clutter in life. Organizing thoughts and actions helps avoid stress. It is easy to find things if they are in place and not scattered around. It is easy to follow your schedule without forgetting or missing deadlines if you keep a list of to-do things and set reminders.
  • Diet: Eat a banana every day. Include avocado, fatty fish, carrots, and yogurt in your diet. Drink a cup of soothingly hot tea. Detoxify your body with an intake of citrus fruits as they are great antioxidants that boost the immune system. Drink lots of water.
  • Substance abuse: Avoid intake of tobacco and alcohol. It should be in moderation. Too much of anything is not good. It leads to addiction, anxiety, and depression. You may end up being suicidal.
  • Have fun: Spend time and laugh a lot with family and friends, especially children. Indulge in indoor and outdoor games with them. Take up challenges of solving puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, etc. Travel helps a lot. Visiting new places and meeting new people uplifts your spirits. Learn different languages and new recipes. Try your hand at baking.

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