Key accomplishments of Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov experience

In his amazing experience and extensive career, he had faced many things and also accomplished many net worthy feats which are listed below:

First with the funding money and acquisitions

The mtm choice company has raised more than $30 million, by helping other brands to complete many acquisitions of reputable agencies in the brand activation. And to give proper support to top tier acquisitions, the company has secured more money in the third round of their financing. Alexei Orlov’s mtm choice company was in acquisition negations with many different brands.

Second is the achievement of awards

Entrepreneur of the Month

With his extensive career of 30 years and his proper contribution towards global marketing, he secured the CMO of the year award for the years 2012, and 2013. This award was given by the World Brand Congress to him. Another award was expertise catapulted Proximaty’s and winning team to the lead post. Then, securing Cannes Gold Lion Award in 2013 for making one of the biggest social media platforms in the automotive organization. This platform was dubbed the people’s car project had more than 108 million followers and many active users too. Due to this different approach by Alexei, he also secured a keynote speaker place at the esteemed Global Brand forum.

Last is the advisory roles in companies

Many organizations were looking up to different insights and advice for their company so, that they can earn more profit. It is offered in a steering leadership by branding strategies, communication, and overcoming the operational challenges of the organization. And with an extensive creation of marketing or entrepreneurship experience, Alexei Orlov is a great advisor for many different brands by seeking distinctive benefits in cluttered trading surroundings. With his unique brand strategies and other factors made him a good advisor.


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Know About Alexie Orlov

Knowing About the Marketing God – Alexei Orlov

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