Screen rooms in Pleasanton, CA – Elevate your home now! 

Sitting on the patio in the mellow sunlight from the setting sun is one of the most relaxing things one can do at home. However, bugs and insects seldom leave people alone. It is gross, unhygienic, and not safe. But this does not have to stop people from enjoying the Californian sun. The best solution is installing screen rooms in Pleasanton, CA, and making life easier.

What is a screen room? 

A screen room is one of the most affordable and simplest forms of a living space that is protected. They can be built from scratch along with the house. But what makes them popular is that these can be installed easily on already existing patios, decks, or porches. It separates the open space of the house from the outside while enabling all the sunlight to enter the house.

Advantages of screen rooms 

  • They are the least expensive among all other means of an enclosure to a porch.
  • These make getting fresh air and sunlight easier as one doesn’t have to deal with bugs and insects.
  • These can be upgraded to three-season sunrooms as per requirement.

Screen room Contractors in Pleasanton 

There are many contractors that people can approach for screen rooms in Pleasanton, CA. Here are some popular names.

  1. Pleasanton Sunrooms – Apart from generic screen rooms, they offer cathedral roof sunrooms, solarium, conservatories, and more.
  2. Sunrooms N More – They offer affordable screen rooms, patio covers, pool enclosures, closures for bathrooms and kitchens, and more.
  3. Peerspace – What makes them unique is the fact that they allow renting screen rooms. If someone wants to install a screen room for a few weeks or months, they can easily rent it from Peerspace.
  4. California Sunrooms – They offer screen rooms and more. They’ve been around for over 35 years, making them a reliable name.

Screen rooms are one of the best ways to take in all the wonders of sunshine without worrying about bugs or dust. They make life easier and, the house looks aesthetic. With sunlight coming in, the house appears bigger as well. It makes them desirable for more than one reason.

  • October 17, 2021