Smart way Of Food Waste Recycling HK

Food waste

Most of the Food that gets wasted ends up in the Landfills which produce harmful Methane gas which is more dangerous compare to carbon dioxide. One of the studies says that its 25 times more harmful than.Food waste and its pile-up are becoming a critical problem in the world as the population is increasing and the production of food waste is also increasing.

Waste Recycling

Food waste occurs in several steps of food systems like farming, processing of food, cooking of food and consumption.

So how can this waste be recycled?

There are many ways we can recycle food waste, starting collecting the food waste in your home in a compost.If you want to Recycle more food waste then you can easily opt for Food Waste Recycling HK machines.As there are many varieties of Food machines are available in the market ranging from home use to industrial use.The increasing focus on reducing greenhouse emissions is driving the demand for the food waste recycling machine market.

Stages Of Food Recycling

The wastes recycling process consists of separation, collection, and recycling.

 The food waste that we produce is first shredded and then sent for composting in a very closed system for 2-4 weeks at a very high temperature. The material that remains after this is allowed to mature for 1-2 months with continuous monitoring and turning to ensure good quality fertilizer is produced and then the fertilizer is used in farming and increasing the quality of the soil. is the best work that we can do.

Over the past few decades, the growing attention towards global warming and resource-saving associated with food wastage is increasing personally as well as many companies are producing and products to reduce and control.

  • March 15, 2020