The different types of effective marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

The efforts put forward by a business towards better sales, customer retention, and competitive pricing is commonly known as a marketing strategy. Every business owner employs certain techniques to take his business to the next level. Any organization needs to adopt policies for effective marketing. This is largely dependent on the type of industry, target audience, nature of products, etc. It is also dependent on whether it is business to business or business to customer-oriented. Innovative techniques help a business grow steadily. While talking about marketing strategy, getting to know how Alexei Orlov developed his expertise in brand development can help a lot.

 There are many kinds of marketing strategies available to suit each kind of business. Some of them are:

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  • Relationship marketing helps to build a strong customer base. When customers develop interest in your brand they will come back for repeat purchases and also make your brand known to others. By offering referral points that can be redeemed, you can establish stronger ties with your customers.
  • A very common strategy is the paid form of advertisements. It can be a commercial on Tv or radio or any other print media like newspapers and magazines. Nowadays internet rules the world. So internet marketing is also an important strategy.
  • Pay per click is also one of the latest marketing strategies. You place your ad on the websites and pay a fee every time your ad is clicked. It is promoted by internet giants like Google so you can be assured of your return.
  • One of the most popular ones is the Social media marketing. People of all age groups are glued to the internet for a considerable proportion of their day. So it is easier to gain their attention. It is easier to market varied categories through this channel than any other since it is easy to use and less expensive too.
  • Undercover marketing is an interesting strategy to use. People are always interested to know what is hidden. It stimulates interest in the product without actually revealing what it is. Many times we have seen advertisements that create curiosity before the actual launch. This guessing game is a type of strategy.
  • Seasonal marketing targets the festivals and occasions during which offers and giveaways are announced. To make the moment memorable customers resort to more buying during this moment.

All these and many other techniques help the business develop further and remain chiseled in the minds of clients.

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