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The term “Lasik” is an abbreviation for laser in situ kertomileusis. This is a surgical procedure in which an eye doctor, commonly called an ophthalmologist, uses a laser to reshape the cornea in a person’s eye to correct refractive errors that the patient has, such as nearsightedness (nearsightedness), farsightedness (farsightedness), and astigmatism.  Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea is crooked, which can cause blurred vision in affected people. Those looking to correct their vision so that they are less dependent on glasses and contact lenses also often opt for Lasik eye surgery.

What is the cornea?

The cornea is a soft, clean, and strong transparent tissue that covers the iris, pupil, and the entire anterior chamber of the eye.

Lasik eye surgery candidates

Lasik eye surgery is only allowed for certain people. Those who want to undergo Lasik eye surgery should be:

  1. Age from 18 years. Minors cannot perform this operation if they have not yet reached the legal age of 18 years. If they have blurred vision, they can be content with contact lenses or corrective glasses for now.
  2. Good health. Patients who currently suffer from or have a history of eye disease, infection or injury for at least the past year will not be able to undergo surgery.
  3. Patients should also not have changes in the refraction of the eye for at least one year.

If you are considering Lasik eye surgery, it is best to see an ophthalmologist first so that he can examine your eye and tell you if your condition is correct, making you a good candidate for surgery.

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Preparing for surgery

Once a doctor allows patients to undergo eye surgery, they will need to follow certain instructions several weeks in advance to keep their eye healthy and in the best possible condition for surgery. The necessary medications, which will also be prescribed by your doctor, usually consist of:

  1. If you wear contact lenses, stop wearing them at least one month before surgery, as contact lenses change the shape of the cornea. This will prevent you from having to undergo surgery, as it is important that your eye is completely healthy.
  2. Refrain from using or applying lotions, creams, perfumes and makeup at least one day before the scheduled surgery.
  3. You must arrange in advance for someone to drive you to and from you to avoid accidents, especially after surgery. This is because you will recover from the surgery, which is why your eyes need to rest.


The cost of Lasik eye surgery at kraff eye institute chicago depends on the clinic or hospital you visit. The cost also varies depending on the country you are in. The cost of Lasik eye surgery is also changing because technology is constantly evolving and more and more people want this surgery because they choose not to wear contact lenses or prescription glasses.

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