Choose the right lighting in your home Which one is the best?

lighting in your home

The lighting of our homes or offices is a key factor in our electricity bill. A good part of our consumption in electricity is marked by the lamps and bulbs that we have on. So, if we seek to save on our electricity bill, the use and expense we make in lighting will be one of the most important points to consider.

The added value of sustainability

 Many Firm has an  extensive experience in energy excellence, a benchmark in sustainability and consolidated as the energy marketer of those good consumers today committed to tomorrow. Energy is a symbol of life but it must remain so in the future, for generations to come.

This energy marketer offers in this sense the best solutions through a competitive energy supply and innovative management of renewable facilities. It provides 100% renewable electricity to its customers for some years,

competitive energy supply

Catalog of services: The online functionality

Together with the environmental commitment, the helpful: in order to facilitate those steps that a user must take when managing their electricity supply and try to favor the client-company relationship as much as possible, It  takes special care of the catalog of services and advice offered online. Structured in information blocks such as Billing, Contracting or Useful Information, the user locates in a complete and detailed way, in the web section devoted entirely to the client, all the necessary information, suitable and convenient to analyze the types of plans and be able to choose based on it the best service. From a basic consultation in relation to the type of existing tariffs, the hiring process, the amount of the invoices or doubts about receipts, going through a change of power, ownership or withdrawal due to cessation of activity, and the management of any query or incident. Management of frequent operations such as account changes, downloading reports, or the payment of bills by direct debit, are some of the actions framed in the new model of Online Office so in keeping with the pace of life and schedules that we carry today . And, the current user pattern requires the optimization of procedures but also constant access to information,

  • May 25, 2019