Keep Your Home Free Of Unwanted Outdoor Elements


Keeping outdoor elements from entering your home can be challenging to do at times. Especially if you are the type of person who always goes in and out of the house and forgets to close the door! This is where a “mesh magnetic closing screen” can really help!

How Is This Attached To Home Openings?

The “attaching” process is simple and quick. First, the person who wants to use the closing screen hooks one end of the screen into the loop of a large roll of “sticky” hook and loop fabric (such as the kind used to secure carpet pads to flooring). Then, he runs his hand or iron through the hole in the screen to attach it to the “inside” of the opening (door, window or part of the house) being closed. Finally, he loops the free end of the screen through the loop of the same sticky loop fabric and pulls it tight. The result is a convenient, easy-to-use, virtually invisible device for keeping unwanted elements out of your home!


Is it easy to install? Yes! Installing a mesh magnetic closing screen is easier than installing a doorknob. There is no wiggling or fumbling involved. You simply pull the screen through the hole in the door and then run a strong magnetised finger through the hole to hold the screen in place.

Perfect For Patio Doors And Balcony Entrances Too

What kind of material is the screen made of? The screen is constructed from solid polyester material woven into a high-tech mesh. It has a vinyl coating on one side that makes it wholly non-slip and easy to clean. On the other side, there is a robust and permanent magnet attached to the back of the screen. This magnet holds the screen securely in place and allows you to use almost any sticky loop fabric to easily connect the screen to the “inside” of any kind of opening (door, window or part of the house). What if I don’t have “sticky” loop fabric? Don’t worry. You can still use this screen. Just use something else to hold the screen in places, such as a rubberised hook and loop fastener. What if my door frame is not between 35 x 80 inches? That’s OK. Just measure your door frame and if it is smaller than that, order this screen anyway. It will still fit. It has an adjustable sizing feature that lets you use almost any size door frame.


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