Unleash Your Inner MasterChef With Astonishing Cooker Hobs

cooker hobs

Humans began cooking millions and millions of years ago. The kitchen has been the heart of the modern house for nearly 150 years. As the Age of Invention waxed in the ’80s and ’90s, the stove manufacturers began searching for an alternative heat source to wood and coal leading them to gas.Coming to the present day, there is an infinite range of cooker hobs available.

The word is derived from the Old English verb habban which means to have, hold, and has become an irreplaceable part of every household.

Types of hobs-

  • Gas hobs-It is the most conventional form, easy to control, offering direct flame but comes with a safety concern because of that naked flame.
  • Electric hobs- An improvement over the classic gas ones, they offer a polished look, power boost functions, and high tech safety features like child lock.
  • Induction hobs-These are quick to heat up, emitting limited residual heat, touch-sensitive, and posh looking but require compatible utensils.
  • Domino hobs-A great space saver for kitchens with limited space but are not suitable for large households and can be on a pricier side.
  • Ceramic hobs- Comes with a flat and frameless design, low maintenance and can be kept spot free in the blink of an eye.

The perks over the traditional stove-

These are designed with easy to use control knobs for complete control over the flame, giving an even distribution of flame as possible. Apart from being safe and seamless, they are quite easy to clean and the wide range of unique slit and elegant designs is surely a winner.

Not only did it revolutionize the cooking experience but also made it more fun and ecstatic.

With its sleek look, multiple heat control options, efficient cooking, safety standards, and high-quality material, cooker hobs have become asine qua non for every household.

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