Show your medical realization or retail pharmacy computer systems

retail pharmacy computer systems

Whether you have a busy medical occupation in the city center or provide a preventive medical solution. The easy retail pharmacy computer systems help you to increase your patient’s confidence in your service through time savings, increased peace of mind, and better use of resources for all pharmacists who wish to devote themselves to their professional activities, relying on the benefits of the robotic pharmacy.

Increase trust and improve your patients’ waiting experience

To discuss your needs and to get the benefits of presenting your business with the cheapest, easiest, fast, flexible, and high-performance robotic warehouse for drug management and their data. The system integrates perfectly into the work process and the layout of the single pharmacy. The various customization options meet every expectation with the wide variety of ingredients and help communicate the identity of the pharmacy.

A revolution in practices for every pharmacist

It includes temporary storage for culling and delivery of multi-product orders and prescriptions at once. Therefore, can be used to handle multiple orders, serving more than one concoction at a time while optimizing delivery times, costs, and consumption.

Pharmacy management easily and conveniently

Instead: Sorting packages, checking packing slips, reading and monitoring the inventory rotation and expiration dates, and returning products to their various drawers.

Empty the contents of the boxes with the drugs to the feeder and let it do the rest. With retail pharmacy computer systems, the choice is easy. Because the feed facility automatically handles efficiently, and quickly all those actions that should have been done manually by now.

Aesthetic customization with the variety of materials available – the precisely designed lighting and the wide variety of colors, space, and furniture of the pharmacy are enhanced by customizing the robot.

More prescriptions and temporary services at other stations

A mechanical robot with a temporary product storage system is a useful addition to the Synthetic robot, further streamlining its performance.

Custom Management Software – Pharma’s management software identifies the most appropriate location of each package based on specific parameters and streamlines storage and duration operations. The storage algorithm allows different products to be placed on the same shelf while managing the space inside the robot with maximum efficiency.

  • May 19, 2022