Whether you are trying to help renovate your local church, donating to a charitable institution or collecting some cash for a community member in need, there are various fundraising activities that could help in coming up with the projected amount while forging camaraderie and giving all participants a raging great time.

What could be better than paying it forward by having loads of fun? Pick an idea from the ones listed below to guarantee that your supporters will always be happy to receive an invite to your fundraiser.

  1. A Mini-County Fair

The only thing you’ll need is space. The churchyard, a local park, or even a vast parking lot will do. Send out invites and post flyers to inform potential participants that they can put up stalls where they can sell their crafts and specialties.  You may charge a participants’ fee or take a percentage from their earnings. If you are planning, maybe, an annual event, think of investing in an American Tent or two which you can rent out to participants during these events or to other parties on occasions.

  1. Day Care Camp

Parents would love to have a day off once in a while. Gather some volunteers, set up a day camp in a local park or backyard and think of fun activities to amuse and keep the kids occupied. Admission fees will cover snacks and supplies. Be sure to ask for a list of foods that the kids may be allergic to.

American Tent

  1. Outdoor Fitness

The beach, when available would be a nice place to hold an exercise, yoga or dance class. But the local park would do very well, too. Hire an instructor who is funny and charismatic, it does make a difference. Charge a one time or per-session fee preferably in advance to know how many sessions to arrange.

  1. Movie Night

An outdoor movie while seated or lying on blankets is a good break from the old couch in the living room. The cool breeze in the park is an added feature, too. Ticket prices are inclusive of popcorn and drinks. The best choice of films might be comedies or adventure as they are enjoyed by the whole family.

  1. Fun Run

Organize categories appropriate for different age groups. Kiddie, teens, and adults will have a blast competing (friendly, mind you) with their peers. Registration fees may include the shirts they will be using and to keep as souvenirs of the event. Prizes need not be expensive, the fun itself is rewarding enough. An early start to avoid the heat, water, and ice handed out along the route will keep your runners training for the next race.

  • February 15, 2020