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Your credit score has the potential to have a substantial impact on your financial situation. It has a significant impact on whether or not a lender will provide you credit. In essence, this payment option allows borrowers to purchase what they want now but pay for it over a longer period afterwards.

When a customer qualifies for a buy now, pay later payment option, CredovaFinance integrates directly into the retailer’s point of sale system, allowing them to pay for their purchases online and in physical stores. In addition,Credova’s buy now, pay later payment mechanism allows customers to complete transactions and make payments on time without utilization of their credit cards.

BNPL enables customers to purchase things and then pay for them over a certain period. They have the option of paying for their items in a single lump payment or monthly instalments.

To compensate themselves for taking on additional risk, lending institutions often charge interest rates on subprime mortgages higher than those charged on standard mortgages. For borrowers with a poor credit score, they may additionally request a shorter payback period or the presence of a co-signer.

Credova Finance

Why is Buy Now Pay Later becoming more popular?

  • In these difficult economic times, the BNPL facility stands out for a variety of reasons.
  • It enables enterprises to provide their endcustomers with a seamless buying experience.
  • It simplifies the checkout process by allowing for a one-click purchase.
  • Consumers may often get financing at no cost or a reduced cost via BNPL.


You can save money by using Credova’s buy now, pay later financing option, which allows you to avoid paying for a complete item upfront by breaking payments down and paying them off in the future. The distinction between Credova and credit cards is that Credova is not a financing instrument that accrues interest at a compounding rate. Therefore, you are aware of the amount and timing of your payments, as well as the terms of your contract repayment plan.

  • October 24, 2021