When you are hosting a party at your place, you don’t leave any stone unturned. You want everything to be in place. At the same you do not want to splurge. Tents are very integral part of party logistics. At parties, tents should not just have to be aesthetically good but they have to be good enough to resist rain, sunlight and wind. If you want variety, quality yet affordable party tents, then online marketplaces should be your first bet. But before buying or renting tents, you should be aware of the types of party tentsavailable in the market and their utility.

American TentPole tents

Pole tents are also known as marquee tents. They are usually huge in size. The pole tents are often associated with English tradition. You can see these tents being used in almost all the English weddings. They have a huge roof canopy supported by poles. Tents are connected by aluminium pins. When you are buying these party tents, you should always make sure the poles being usedshould be good enough to resist strong winds. At times, people get too much engrossed with ensuring the quality of fabric, but do not pay enough heed to the quality of poles.

Sailcloth tents

These tents are made up of translucent fabric. They have the best utility when used in day time. They are really an added beauty when used in daytime; they allow natural light and brightness to pass through them very easily. In order to use them more effectively in day time always makes sure they are waterproof.

Cross cable frame tents are best rentals. They are easy to install and easy to remove. They can be installed anywhere from pavements, concrete to patios. Best thing of these tents that they do not have any central tents, which makes them very suitable for parties.

  • February 15, 2020